How does Laser Clay Shooting compare to normal / traditional clay shooting?

The system is safe and there is no recoil when the gun is fired. The sound comes out of speakers instead of from the gun itself. 

The main difference in technique is that you shoot directly at the clay instead of giving it lead. When shooting DTL (down the line) you would not give lead, so the experience is very much the same. When shooting in other formats the field set up is fairly near, so the clay is close to the shooter. In practice you would give a real target relatively little lead when this close, so the technique is similar. In fact because shooters are following a moving target many do better when they shoot at the leading edge of the clay, so the technique is very similar.

Laser Clay Shooting will help shooters to learn how to stand, how to mount their gun, hand eye co-ordination and the very important technique of following through the target.

Introducing people to target sports

In summary Laser Clay Shooting is a useful teaching aid. However, relatively few people have ever actually shot a gun and at corporate events or shows Laser Clays may be their first foray into target sports. The market for this activity is much bigger than existing shooters, and we aim to bring people into shooting sports more generally when they try this for the first time.