Laser Clay Shooting, is a competitive and fun leisure activity which will make an event out of any occasion.

Reusable Targets

The system comprises a scoreboard, five converted shotguns (with the look and feel of the real thing) and an electronic clay launcher. Reusable plastic clays fly through the air and you shoot using infra-red beams. Communication between the gun and scoreboard is by radio, so there are no wires.

Enjoyable & Competitive

The system features realistic instantaneous sound effects. The result is a compelling and highly competitive game that is ideal for entertaining groups. It is also completely safe and environment friendly. It is one of the most popular activities for corporate groups and team building events.

Laser Clay Shooting can be enjoyed by anone who can hold the weight of the gun, which usually means 10 years old plus.

Flexible & Mobile

LaserSport, Laser Clay Shooting, is popular at shows and with corporate and private party groups. It has the substantial USP of being completely mobile, so you can take it to people rather than having the marketing challenge of making people come to you.

Laser Clay Shooting is an effective training aid, giving shooters the chance to work on gun hold, hand eye co-ordination and shooting at a moving target in complete safety and without recoil. Find out how Laser Clay Shooting differs from traditional clay shooting.